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Matcha was used as a medicine in ancient times. Now, the taste with the peculiar bitterness is loved all over the world. We are dealing with the Uji matcha and the organic agriculture matcha from Kagoshima. KOGETSUEN is carrying out wholesale of the matcha for the tea ceremony and the matcha only for confectionery

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Green Tea

Most of the tea produced in Japan is green tea. I can enjoy various flavors, such as Gyokuro of high-class tea, clean Sencha, and fragrant Genmaicha.

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Tea Ceremony Goods

The tool which make matcha and is used at the time of the tea ceremony. Can feel Wabi-Sabi and can also enjoy the four seasons.

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Matcha Sweets

The sweets using matcha are popular. Authentic Matcha sweets which the tea stall made.

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Japanese Goods

It aligns the goods made in Japan of traditional manufacturing method.

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