The following article was introduced in the Sankei Shimbun in Japan.This is a researched presentation on the benefits of tea.

Nara Medical University (Kashihara City, Nara Prefecture) announced on November 27, 2020 that it has confirmed the effect of detoxifying the new coronavirus with commercially available tea. Although the effect on humans has not been confirmed at the basic research stage, up to 99% of the virus has lost its infectivity when it comes into contact with tea for 1 minute in vitro, and it is expected to be one of the measures against infection.The experiment was conducted by a research team of Professor Toshikazu Yano (Microbial Infectious Diseases) of the same university. In the experiment, about 10 products such as green tea and black tea in PET bottles were used. The virus and tea were mixed in vitro and the amount of infectious virus was tested over time.The most effective was black tea brewed from tea leaves, and the infectious virus was reduced to one-hundredth in one minute and less than one-thousandth in 10 minutes. Professor Yano said that the effect on humans was “the stage of possibility” and that “the effect of catechin has been confirmed in influenza, and the same effect can be expected by drinking tea.”According to Professor Yano, it has been confirmed that catechin adheres to protruding proteins on the surface such as influenza virus and eliminates infectivity, and the same effect is presumed for the new corona.