Greetings from the President

Kogetsuen’s company philosophy “A bowl of green tea brings people together, like a green bridge that build up peace” can be traced back to 2016, when I won the Rakuten IT Koshien National Championship and created this renga (Japanese song-like poem) with the high school students who took part in the competition.

The founder of Kogetsuen returned from the war zone in China and started the business with the concept “Tea is a lubricant that brings people together.” Until now the idea “Tea, People, Peace” is still emphasized in our daily business.

The awarded piece “Tea bowl ONE WORLD” was designed to express my wish for the peace of all children in the world, and Kogetsuen’s business and philosophy is the embodiment of this tea bowl.

Representative Director
Masaki Okubo


・In 1979: Spun off from the main Kougetsuen store in Shikoku Chuo City and opened a new store for green tea and tea utensils in Niihama City.
・In 2004: Launched the online store in “Rakuten Market” and started online business
・In 2005: Started the development and sales of “Matcha Rofuru” (matcha green tea sweets)
・In 2006: Started the development and sales of “Matcha Mo Vre,” (a matcha green tea sweets).
・In 2007: Representative of Ehime Prefecture at the 1st “Zenkoku Umaimo No Haku (National Gourmet Expo)” hosted by Nippon Television Network Corporation
・In 2014: Launched the online store in “Yahoo! Shopping” and “”
・In 2015: Launched the online store in “”. Started export sales to over 50 countries.
・In 2016: Coached Imabarikita High School, representing Ehime Prefecture, and won the national championship at Rakuten IT Koshien (a total of 47 schools participated from across Japan)
・In 2019: Awarded Champion in “Shop of the Month by category” in Rakuten Ranking

Representative DirectorMasaki Okubo
Location1-8-13, Ikkucho, Niihama-shi, Ehime, 7920025, Japan
Business HoursWeekdays 10:00 – 18:00 (closed on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays)
Date of establishmentOctober 12, 1979 (store opening date)
Business contentWholesale and retail
Capital stock10 million yen
Number of Employees4 (as of May 2022) 4 full-time employees (3 male, 1 female)
Permits, registrations and licensesAntique dealer license Ehime public security commission permit:No.821020001251
Kougetsuen GroupKOGETSUEN Shikoku Chuo Branch
2-11-4 Mishima Chuo, Shikokuchuo-shi, Ehime, 7990405, Japan

i City Lab INC.
1-8-15 Ikku-cho, Niihama-shi, Ehime 792-0025, Japan

Person in charge

Takeshi Ishikawa
Managing Executive Officer
General Manager, Corporate Strategy Office


鍾潔瑩 (Erica Chung)
Customer Service Representative(For Asian countries)

Online Shopping & Wholesale

Sold in Kogetsuen・Rakuten・AMAZON・AliBABA・Yahoo・au PAY Market.