Production Areas of Hojicha Powder

Made in Uji

Uji City, located in the south of Kyoto, is blessed with the soil and environment necessary for matcha cultivation. Kogetsuen’s Uji hojicha powder is manufactured by Kogakuen Seicha, which has the largest market share among Uji Matcha. It is used not only by people who like making sweets but also by cafes. Our store has a track record of selling hojicha powder to the customers in more than 50 countries and regions, and it has been highly evaluated overseas.

Made in Izumo

Izumo City, located in the middle east of Shimane is known throughout Japan as a “mythical country” and is blessed with a rich history and cultural heritage. The tea trees are low-pesticide-cultivated and the leaves have brighter green color than many other tea producing areas. Stem hojicha powder is made by roasting only the stems of Ichibancha (the first tea-crop), not the tea leaves. The raw material for leaves hojicha powder is roasted “Yanagi” (tea leaves that has become hard and could not be rubbed thinly) into powder.

Matcha Powder of Each Production Area

Uji Matcha

Izumo Matcha