Types of Green Tea
There are various types of tea called Japanese tea, but most of them are green tea.
Among the types of green tea, “sencha” is a typical tea that Japanese people often drink.
Richly Nutritious Components
Green tea is rich in nutrients that are good for the body, such as catechins, vitamins, theanine and caffeine.
The benefits of it is not just delicious, but these nutrients keep your body healthy when you drink it daily.
Green tea brings you an affluent time, peace of mind and relaxation.
What are Catechins?
Catechins are members of the group of polyphenol, which is considered to be good for health, and there are eight main types.
Green tea catechin is a substance with antioxidant activity.
It is said that it suppresses oxidation in the body, prevents tissue aging, and helps maintain immunity.
What is Vitamin C?
The form/scientific name of Vitamin C is L-ascorbic acid.
It has antioxidant properties and acts as a coenzyme in the construction of collagen, so it is involved in various biological functions.
Vitamin C is essential for the production of collagen, a binding protein for bones and tendons.
Dietary Fiber
Dietary fiber is a food component that reaches the large intestine through the small intestine without being digested and absorbed.
Not only the effect of regulating the functions of intestines, but also many physiological functions such as suppression of increase of blood sugar level and reducing cholesterol concentration in blood have been revealed.
It is one of the umami (delicious and savory) component contained in green tea relaxes the autonomic nerves.
Caffeine excites the central nerve of the brain (awakening effect), so it has the effect of preventing sleepiness and improving intellectual work ability and athletic ability.
Wasting About 70%?
When brewing tea in a teapot, the used tea leaves are thrown away, but actually about 70% of the original nutritional components are contained in the used tea leaves.
Nutritional components thrown away as used tea leaves
● VitaminA
● VitaminE
● Dietary fiber
● Others
Nutritional components that dissolve in the hot water (water)
● Catechins
● Caffeine
● Amino acid
● Others
To take in all the discarded ingredients…
We made tea leaves into powder.
Since the tea leaves are completely powdered, you can ingest all the nutritional components, including the ones that have been thrown away.
There is no need to prepare a teapot or dispose of used tea leaves, so you can enjoy green tea easily.
Also, there is nothing to throw away, so it is good value for money.