Uji Matcha Powder by Purpose

For Ceremony
Among the various types of matcha, the highest grade matcha is considered to be suitable for the ceremony matcha. It is less bitter, delicious and savory, and you can enjoy the deep taste of matcha.
For Confectionary
Bitterness is important for making sweets, so we recommend matcha, which has a strong bitterness. It’s a little extravagant to use ceremonial matcha to make sweets, but you can easily enjoy the original taste of matcha for confectionery.

No.1 Market Share in Uji Matcha

Our original brand, “Uji Matcha”, uses matcha made by Kougakuen-Seicha, which holds the largest market share in Uji Matcha, and we can therefore assure a stable supply of matcha products.

Uji Matcha Brand

The Uji matcha is matcha which uses the high-quality tea leaves grown with the good fertile soil of drainage, and the background blessed with climate (the difference in temperature of day and night, precipitation).
Now, the Uji matcha is established as a powdered-green-tea brand, so that it is displayed on various sweets and drinks as “the Uji matcha use.” In KOGETSU-EN, a color and flavor have had in stock even many the optimal matchafor practice or the school tea ceremony and the matchafor confectionery which major confectionery makers are also using as a specialty store of matchafrom high-quality high-class matcha, and sends the freshly ground Uji matcha to you.

Safe and Trustworthy Matcha

We conduct tests for viable bacteria counts, coliform counts, mold, and yeast for our matcha products. In addition, we conduct tests for thermophilic bacteria, Salmonella, residual agricultural chemicals, radioactivity, etc.
as necessary at institutions with the capacity to provide official certification. We have also been developing matcha products that comply with the EU’s regulations for chemical substances.