We define drop shipping as follows. With our drop shipping service, your customer order from your company website and Kogetsuen will deliver the goods from Japan directly to your customer’s designated address on behalf of your company. Our drop shipping service can be replied to orders as little as one product.

Conditions necessary for drop shipping

  1. The consignee address must be outside Japan as well as within the service area of EMS or Registered AIR Small Packets.
    (The maximum weight limited for Registered AIR Small Packet is 2kg while for EMS is 30kg)

2. A drop shipping service agreement has to be signed in advance.

  • Consent to the sender address, name and product details shown on the waybill
  • List of product details to be handled by drop shipping

(In general, products not listed will not be accepted, however, you can add-on products any time by updating the service agreement)

  • Clarification on the selling prices from KOGETSUEN INC. to your company; and from your company to the consignee
  • Selling prices from your company to the consignee will be written on the waybill for shipping

3. A drop shipping handling fee of JPY500 (tax excluded) will be charged for each delivery.

4. We will not be responsible to your customers’ enquiry. Please make enquiry to us through your company.

5. Local custom duties, value added taxes and all other charges related to the shipment (if any), have to be settled by your company or the consignee (your customer).

6. For undelivered parcels returned to KOGETSUEN INC. due to any reason (such as consignee’s refusal, incorrect address, unpaid custom duties and charges, etc.), there will be no refund. In case of reshipment, new shipping fee will be aroused and charged to your company again.

7. The storage of private labels manufactured under drop shipping contracts is stipulated as follows.

Labels stocked at KOGETSUEN INC. will be kept for one year from the date of your last order (the date of shipment from KOGETSUEN INC. to your customer). Labels out of this storage period will be discarded and new labels have to be ordered for upcoming new shipments.

8. For details above, together with other conditions, please also see below.

Drop Shipping Flow

  1. Please order by e-mail as usual.
  2. Please remark the customer’s name and address who will receive the package.
  3. We will estimate the total cost, including a JPY500 handling fee for drop shipping.
  4. Please settle the payment.
  5. We will ship the product to your customer about one week upon receiving your payment. (Leadtime varies according to the order contents)
  6. We will provide a parcel tracking number after sending for your reference.

1. Shipping Methods

Basically, we send packages by EMS to your customer.

For parcels below 2kg, you can select “EMS“, “Registered AIR Small Packets” as the shipping method.

(Availability varies according to different countries and region. Please make sure the your shipping countries and region are open for these tracking services)

Limitations on weight and sizes for different shipping method:

2. Shipping Costs

Shipping costs differ for shipping method.
Please click “Shipping Cost” below and check the price lists of shipping fee to each region.

Shipping rate
The shipping fees of EMS, Registered AIR Small Packets to each region when using our drop shipping service are as follows.


[Registered AIR Small Packet]

The tables shows the shipping cost of the total parcel weight
The total parcel weight should include the weight of products and packing materials.
We will inform you the actual shipping cost for each order individually after calculation.

For parcel weight over 2 kg, only EMS is available.
(For your information, our products will be shipped from Ehime (in northwestern Shikoku Island), Japan.)

3. Other Costs Related to Drop Shipping

  • Drop shipping handling fee is 500 JPY per delivery.
  • Customs duty and Value Added Tax (VAT) in importing country are to be paid by the customer.Please contact the customs authorities of your shipped country for details.
  • The consumption tax in Japan is exempted.
  • The damage insurance amount is up to JPY 6,000 for Registered AIR Small Packets.
  • Because we have to do tax exemption processing according to Japanese tax system and law, we cannot declare a selling price lower than the actual amount on the invoice.
  • In case of shipment by EMS, insurance must be added. [Insurance Program] http://www.post.japanpost.jp/int/ems/service/damage_en.html
  • In principle, we cannot issue a certificate (Certificate of Origin, JAS organic certificate etc.) and send it to your customer. If it’s needed, please contact us.

4. Lead Time and Shipping Period

We usually do not have matcha stock and our matcha products are grinded at our factory after receiving an order to ensure the freshness.

Therefore, it takes about one week to ship after your payment is completed. If the quantity is large, the lead time will be longer.
After shipment, order cancellation, return of goods or refund request will not be accepted.

5. Making a Private Label with our OEM Service

This is explained on the web page about OEM.

Conditions 1-5 are our basic policies and please feel free to discuss the details with us.

Other Important Matters

In order to use our Drop Shipping service, you need to confirm and agree with the following points 1-2 in advance.

1. Sender Information

According to the rule of post office, name of sender to be printed on dispatch note of ePacket or EMS, air waybill, invoice etc. will be your name (or your company name) and address and phone number of sender will be our address and phone number below. Otherwise, the post office won’t accept a package.
In addition, in case of enquiries on the parcel, your customers cannot contact us directly. Your customer must contact us through you.

  • ADDRESS: 1-8-13, Ikku-cho, Niihama City, Ehime, 7920025, Japan
  • TEL: +81-897-33-0858

You will also need to sign a consent form (we will send you a template) to acknowledge:

  • KOGETSUEN INC. will be your agent.
  • KOGETSUEN INC. will ship products to your customer under your name.
  • Your customer must contact KOGETSUEN INC. through you.

2. List of Products for Japanese Tax Office

When we ship the products to your customer, the price on invoice of EMS etc. should be the one you sold to your customer, to avoid disclosure of the wholesale price.
However, we must fill in the wholesale price to Japanese tax office for tax exemption .
Therefore, you and Kogetsuen will need to exchange a brief documents (we will send you a template) which indicates a list of names and prices of the product, and we will keep it for applying tax exemption.

For example…

  • If a wholesale price of our Uji Matcha product “ABC” is JPY1,000, and you sell it to your customer at JPY2,000 as your Uji Matcha product named “EFG”,
  • Document to your customer: The unit price is written as “JPY2,000”.
  • Document to Japanese tax office: The price we apply for tax exemption will be the wholesale price “JPY1,000”.

If you have any questions or consultations about the adjustment, please feel free to contact us.

[Note] We do not have any employees who can speak English, but we can email you back in English.